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When the site managers and the head office have difficulties to understand the current situation, it is impossible for the branches to be responsible for timely and consistent implementation of any project. The communication between the head office and the branches is not clear or well informed and cannot be used as an excuse for the Store’s failure to meet the organizations expectations—There will be no such problem by parties GaiaWorks’ solutions that have a comprehensive as well as integrated solution approach.

Business forecast

Business Forecast

Business data prediction module integrates analytics based on historical business data (Including sales, trade and footfall). With the various calculation rules defined, the system has the capability to automatically generate a period of business transaction (usually a week).

The reason we collect historical data by every 15 minutes is to make our product reliable and accurate as well as to maximize the flexibility of future workforce demands.

Generate Workforce Prediction

Gaiaworks Smart Scheduler generates schedules by data prediction based on sales transactions and guest turnover rate:
Supports customization for multiple stores;
Supports workforce demand matrix;
Supports business data prediction by single data line;
Supports generation with the combination of a variety of business data;
Supports generation by routine daily tasks;
Supports generation by specific workforce demand (such as freight, replenishment and tally).

Generate Workforce predict
Scheduling optimization

Scheduler Optimization

Scheduler Optimization is based on various factors such as workforce demand, employee occupancy, employee skills, availability, personnel preferences, maximum/minimum working hours and previous attendance situation etc.
For the view of department operations, this function also offers clients to define meal break, start/end time, overnight shift, and to check if Full Time Employee is required, etc.

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