Born for Retail

GaiaWorks workforce management solution for retail industry helps clients calculate working hours generation in a reasonable way, gather with employees’ skills to generate schedule from sales transactions.

Automated employee attendance and working hours in retail industry make our clients gain high statistical accuracy, that enables analysis and prediction of working hour curve changes.

Uses scientific methods to optimize the distribution of retail employees, which allows sales forecasts and working hours more specific and effective.

Workforce Forecasting

GaiaWorks® Workforce prediction in retail workforce management integrates labor cost demands via integrated business transactions and through various calculation rules.


GaiaWorks Smart Scheduler for retail industry allows use of labor as a standard to measure the various distribution of employees, positions and tasks resulting in proving it as an efficient tool for schedule management.

Complete Auto Attendance Processes

GaiaWorks workforce management solution for retail industry allows business gain higher efficiency by being able to deal with various leave types, data collection and calculations and exceptions alerts.

Detail Management In Detail

GaiaWorks solution provides visibility not only by days, but also by tasks, so that retailers are  able to manage stores in a more accurate way.

GaiaWorks, Clients in Retail

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Improve the accuracy to control labor cost, labor efficiency, optimize labor management process, improving overall labor satisfaction and overall efficiency of labor management.