Customized for Manufactory Industry

Every industry is facing various challenges in workforce management areas. Organizations can increase productivity to achieve greater success in market place by reducing cost with high compliance.

Gaiaworks workforce management solution helps organization facing these challenges and improves them.

Complete Auto Data Processing

GaiaWorks provides a solution for clients to integrate software and hardware, allows the comparison of each employee’s schedule and actual attendance data. All data will be available at your fingertips, and calculates attendance result based on organization’s rules.  This allows to completely avoid erroneous and fake data by manual work.

Reliable Attendance Data

From Operations supervisor scheduling to receiving employee attendance data, from employee overtime/leave requests to supervisors’ approval, all calculations of the process are automatically performed the by system. All users are able to view most accurate working status and exception alerts.

Minimize Compliance Risks

We understand Chinese manufacturing as well as Chinese Labor Laws. Thus we provide maximum process control in the system. So that we can ensure the satisfaction of time management compliance of our clients. From comprehensive working hours to overtime hours control, to generation of compensatory leave credits based on rules, GaiaWorks provide a complete set of mature and compliant solution.

Open The Black Box of Factory Productivity

By using GaiaWorks® activities tracking solution, you will able to view the process status for every work order, every group activities hours and distribution status. This releases you from the black box achieving transparency on factory productivity to maximize productivity efficiency.

GaiaWorks Clients in Manufacturing

Customer Irco
Customer Rittal
Customer Karcher
Customer POAI
Customer Ge
Customer Cjlr
Customer Vw
Customer Nexteer

Continue to Improve the efficiency of Enterprise workforce management, and make it easier.

Improve the accuracy to control labor cost, labor efficiency, optimize labor management process, improving overall labor satisfaction and overall efficiency of labor management.