Time & Attendance

Let The GaiaWorks Help You Solve These Attendance Problems

Through managing the challenges of inaccurate attendance data, we improve the efficiency of HR, by effectively controlling the the labor cost of Enterprises.


Real-Time Auto Attendance Management

Eliminates payroll errors and inflation, with accurate data collection from various devices .

Self-defined rules and configurable settings for complex attendance, working hours, automatic calculations in real-time.

Dimensional analysis of labor productivity helps customers with accurate control of labor cost.

Real-time data collection and calculations feedback enhance the customers’ experience.

Compliance Risk Minimality

To satisfy Time & Attendance management and Compliance for our clients, Gaia completely understand Labor Laws. Gaia’s HROne system is focused on controlling Employee scheduled hours, Overtime, Leave credit auto-calculation, Overtime credit transfer, Meal break deduction rules, Absent management.

All changed data will be saved in the system with time, date and Employee IDs, thereby being able to support audits accurately

Compliance risk minimality
hardware and software integration

Hardware And Software Integration

Our solution supports WeChat, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint as well as Face recognition time clocking. System supports many international languages and various time zones to meet demands for over 12+ countries and regions.

With Leave/Overtime configurations, system allows employees to apply leave/overtime with 600+scenarios to meet client demands.

Employee Self Service

It supports: Online Leave request form, Approve or Reject, Batch approvals and Business Travel requests

It supports all browsers available in the market. Employee can access the system with any browser without downloading any software.

With the help of HRONE System, organizations can minimize administrative work including employee leave request, overtime etc. within fraction of seconds

It provides accurate leave credits, accurate employee attendance timesheets and furthermore employees can easily check the attendance timesheets by themselves.

Employee self service
Auto-Generate Attendance Report

Auto-Generate Attendance Report

With attendance auto generation and real time reports being available to organization’s Head Quarters, real time data analysis is enable and end users will be able to meet all their information queries online

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Continue to Improve the efficiency of Enterprise workforce management, and make it easier.

Improve the accuracy to control labor cost, labor efficiency, optimize labor management process, improving overall labor satisfaction and overall efficiency of labor management.