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Let GaiaWorks Improve Your Production Hour Management System

Production managers can use the web browser approach
To view production and instant labor data from any point of detail, on a case-by-case basis, Especially activity level labor information, auxiliary production management personnel use the efficiency data obtained from the workshop, Real – time monitoring of production processes and the development of scientific enterprise decisions in improving productivity and controlling labor costs.

Lean working hour

Lean Working Hour

GaiaWorks® Activities Tracking System is one of most important module in our Workforce Management Solution. Operations management is able to access & supervise employee productivity and labor data through browser anytime, anywhere.
Access to real-time labor activities information and product process’s helps managers to gain valuable data  and enhance productivity.

Productivity Efficient

Overall labor efficiency: helps clients achieve high efficiency management, control the workforce data of employees, groups and plants.
Labor efficiency: helps clients achieve high efficiency workforce management by reducing overtime hours;

Standard Working hours: help organization set fair and reasonable standard working hours, as well as performance evaluation system;
Scheduling: allows management to understand the working situation of first line employee, helps to gain a flexible employee schedule;
Eliminate wastage: directly reports indirect working hours in real-time, helps to reduce idle time, employee and time wasted;
Real-Time automation: system auto collects and calculates to ensure data accuracy and instantaneous results, thereby reducing manual work
Management decisions: Various working hours report provide management team comprehensive view of the data in real-time;
Plant Transparency: allows plants gain higher transparency, real-time control, work order processes and employee work activities.

Productivity efficient

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Improve the accuracy to control labor cost, labor efficiency, optimize labor management process, improving overall labor satisfaction and overall efficiency of labor management.